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Wooded Forest LLC., is the combined development and civic minded knowledge of Trey Strong and Robert Wood. Collaborating in 2014 these two well-known and established business men recognized the huge need in the Lubbock area for lots available to first and second time home buyers. Foxridge, which hosted the 2015 and 2016 Parade of Homes, was their first collaborative effort boasting 375 lots, overlooking West Texas Sunsets and beautiful homes.

Wooded Forest will continue developing this land and growing a perfect neighborhood for well-built yet affordable homes. Foxridge, located in the 2017 Parade, has made way for Stonebridge, also hosting locations in the 2017 Parade. Be on the look-out for Bushland Springs located at 19th and Upland Ave coming in the Spring of 2017.

Foxridge has had the honor of donating to Lubbock Homes for Heroes and CASA of Lubbock. As community minded men, both are past presidents of the West Texas Home Builders Association, and serve the community in many areas.

2017 Lubbock Parade of Homes featured in Foxridge: